Academic Calendar

How to change school course or program

How to plan to change your school program? I personally plan my schedule with the academic calendar in case of emergency. What do I mean by that? For example, if I want to change course or drop course or even switch program, I will be properly prepared. Several students came to me and asked about […]

Stay Creative

Stay Creative

To be successful in life, I always think that you should stay creative and stay curious. Always try to figure out a better way to do things, or always try to understand better of what we do either at school, at work or even being a human. What we learn at school is really the […]

Report Card

Understanding Report Card (High School, CEGEP, University)

Introduction to Report Card Here are the transcripts (report card) that I have obtained in Québec from high school to University. Feel free to take a look. (Chi Cheung Lau is my Chinese name) Throughout my academic years, I had always focused on my science courses instead of the language courses. This is not very […]


Understanding GPA Calculation For Bachelor In University (Montreal City)

  Introduction of GPA GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It’s a measurement for the employers or schools to compare which students performed better academically. However, the GPA calculation is a little bit different in different university. So GPA is one of the tools to compare students, although this is not the only criteria that […]

Understanding R Score

Brief definition of R Score R score is a statistical method of evaluating a student performance compare to other students. The point of making R score is to compare students with the same grade in different school or different program. It helps to choose which student is performing better academically. The R score is calculated […]

Summer Job

Summer Job For Newbies

First Summer Job Let me tell you about my personal experience of looking for a summer job. My first job was a referral from a friend to work in a restaurant as a waiter. I worked there for about four months and I left, because the job doesn’t really suit me. I really didn’t like […]

Ask Questions

Ask Questions – Why and How

Ask Questions to Learn More Ever since we are young, we learn everything by seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and feeling. I would add another way to learn: it is by asking questions to other people and learn from their experiences. A common problem to most of you, the students, is that you do not ask […]

succeeding academically

Succeeding Academically

Hi, I want to let you know about my point of view on what is an academic success. What is consider successful academically? Everyone will have a different opinion on this. Making Decisions to Succeed As you can read from my work experience on my website, I finished studying in Electrical Engineering at McGill University […]

A Moment of Joy

Do you still remember the first time you learned to walk? (Well… I don’t really remember that, but just in case you do…) Or the first time you learned to bicycle? The first time you got a 100% in an exam? Well, I am currently having that feeling, you know, the excitement of having something […]