Learn from an experienced tutor with over 10 years of private tutoring for students who have attended the following renowned Quebec Schools:

High Schools:

  • Jean de la Mennais
  • Régina Assumpta
  • Saint Anne
  • Jean-Eude
  • Brébeuf
  • International de Montréal
  • Saint Nom de Marie
  • ECS
  • The Study
  • LCC
  • Centennial
  • College Prep International
  • Antoine Brossard


  • Marianopolis
  • Brébeuf
  • Bois de Boulogne
  • Dawson
  • Vanier
  • Maisonneuve
  • Rosemont
  • Édouard Montpetit
  • André Grasset



Learn an entire course in only 20 hours !
Our courses are created to target the requirement of Quebec’s CEGEPs.


With over hundreds examples in our online courses:

Calculus 1 = 232 Exercises Solved

Calculus 2 = 211 Exercises Solved

Linear Algebra = 125 Exercises Solved


  Benefit from our unique way of teaching to learn easier and faster !


Proper preparation can help students to:

  • Better understand courses materials
  • Prepare in advance
  • Reduce the level of stress
  • Improve skills
  • Prevent academic failure
  • Be successful !

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Linear Algebra

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Tutors and Blog Authors

Francis Lau

Tutorat A+ Tutoring Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Tutor. With over 10 years of tutoring experience, I have a very high standard on everything that I do. I am dedicated to help each of my students to succeed in their academic path.

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As I transitioned from high school to CEGEP, many things changed. The teaching pace accelerated, workload got heavier and exams were more difficult. As I did put more effort into my studying, there was a time when I needed a little bit of help. A+ Tutoring courses helped me prepare for my classes, giving me a solid base to build upon. The tutor, Francis, was not only extremely patient, but was also kind enough to offer help and advice when needed.

Angela – Calculus and Linear Algebra Concentrated Course

Fluent in English, which can’t be said for some of my previous professors. Covers a lot of topics quickly and concisely, clarifies any points where there was confusion. His notes, before the practice problems, extracts all the important formulas and information; however it lacks some explanations, but you should be taking notes in class and in his sessions. So they do a good job in reminding you what you need to use to complete the problems.

Tong – Linear Algebra Concentrated Course