Tutor with Solid Experience

With over 10 years of experience in tutoring high school and CEGEP students in Montreal (Quebec), Tutorat A+ Tutoring has successfully distinguished itself by:

  • Offering student-centered education with one on one tutoring
  • Customizing teaching materials according to the student needs
  • Analyzing the capacity of the students
  • Stimulating the confidence of the students

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Unique Teaching Method

With this unique approachTutorat A+ Tutoring has allowed students to:

  • Prepare themselves in advance
  • Improve their academic competences
  • Identify their weaknesses
  • Focus on their needs
  • Be more organized in their studies
  • Develop their self-learning skills

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Help Students to Succeed

Prevention is the best way to ensure students success in school. Proper preparation can help students to:

  • Better understand courses materials
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Prevent academic failure

Students will feel more confident and more motivated when they perform well in school. Tutorat A+ Tutoring offers courses designed to prepare students for Calculus, a CEGEP level mathematical course very much different from high school mathematics, and which a lot of CEGEP students have difficulty with. This course will provide knowledge on how to manoeuvre the key concepts of Calculus to high school graduates.

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Who is Francis Lau

2008 : Graduated from McGill University

Major : Electrical Engineering

Minor : Software Engineering



Teacher – College Prep International (Montreal, Quebec)

► Summer 2012 : Science Mathematics for Secondary 4 and 5

► Summer 2012 : Physics (Mecanics) for Secondary 5


Private Tutor – Tutorat A+ Tutoring (Montreal, Quebec)

►  Home Tutoring

     2005 – Present  (Mathematics / Chemistry / Physics)

  •      Taught and helped over 70 individual students
  •       (Most are long term students for over 2 years)
  •      Improved learning skills of the students
  •      Analyzed the capacity of the students
  •      Helped students to improve on their homework
  •      Helped and taught the students to solve situational problems
  •      Stimulated the confidence of the students
  •      Developed the self-learning skills of the students
  •      Evaluated the students with exams
  •      Prepared summaries on the course materials
  •      Taught the students on how to organize their studies

► Tutor at Westmount High School

    2009 – 2011  (Mathematics/Physics)

  •     Helped students at the high school level
  •     Helped students to understand on their homework
  •     Stimulated the confidence of the students

► Tutor at Dawson College

    2001 – 2002  (Mathematics/Chemistry/Physics)

  •     Helped students at the CEGEP level
  •     Helped the students to understand on the course materials
  •     Stimulated the confidence of the students


Service Specialist

Ericsson Canada (Montreal, Quebec)

► 2008-2009 : Junior Service Engineer


Junior Software Engineer

Esterline CMC Electronic (Montreal, Quebec)

► 2007-2008 : Validation and Analyst


Junior Software Engineer

Mannarino Systems and Software (Montreal, Quebec)

► 2004-2006 : Validation and Analyst


Crash Course (Replaced with Online Courses!)

To ensure their smooth transition to CEGEP and success in pre-university level education, it is important to prepare students in advance. At Tutorat A+Tutoring, we intend to improve students’ academic competences and guide students toward the right path of their life. Tutorat A+Tutoring will provide CEGEP level courses to students and prepare them in advance. In doing so, students will be able to identify their weaknesses, focus on their needs and be more organized in their studies.

With its unique way of teaching, Tutorat A+Tutoring allows students to learn the whole course in only ONE WEEK !



Prepare for the fast-paced math classes in CEGEP
Prevent to be lost during class
Reduce the level of stress
Improve math skills
Get tips on how to study
Learn Calculus before fellow classmates
Help you to be successful in CEGEP



Due to the success of the Calculus 1 & 2 and Linear Algebra concentrated courses of 2011 to 2014 and the increase in popularity, Tutorat A+ Tutoring has created Online Courses that allow students to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their house. If you have any questions while taking the courses, you can email us and we will answer your questions as if is in a live course. 

We thank the parents and students for their trust in 
Tutorat A+Tutoring.

For more information, Contact Us.

Concentrated Course Calculus 2013

Calculus 1 – Group 2013

Concentrated Course Calculus 2013

Calculus 1 – Group 2013

Concentrated Course Calculus 2012

Calculus 2 – Group 2012

Concentrated Course Calculus 2012

Calculus 2 – Group 2012


Private Tutoring

Private tutoring offers a student-centered education with customized teaching materials according to individual needs.

For students who would like to improve their competences and prepare for the coming courses in order to achieve higher marks, teaching will be focused on in-depth materials, helping them to enhance their understanding and problem solving ability.

For students struggling with certain subjects, maintenance tutoring are offered in order to help eliminate their obstacles so they can succeed in school and gain their confidence back.

Tutorat A+ Tutoring offers the following private courses.

Fully Booked for 2016 ! Please Consider our Online Courses !


Secondary 1 (grade 7)
Secondary 2 (grade 8)
Secondary 3 (grade 9)
Secondary 4 (grade 10)
Secondary 5 (grade 11)
CEGEP (Calculus 1)
CEGEP (Calculus 2)


Secondary 4 (grade 10)


Secondary 5 (grade 11)
CEGEP (Mechanics)
CEGEP (Waves and Optics)
CEGEP (Electricity and Magnetism)


Secondary 5 (grade 11)
CEGEP (General Chemistry)

A+ Tutoring Slogan

Our Mission

I have a very high standard on everything that I do.

To ensure that the service given is up to my quality standard, I will personally hold the private tutoring sessions.

The best return I can get is to see my students succeed. And what makes me the most happy is to receive phone calls from my students who are telling me that they got a 100% on an exam. Most of my students are long term students that I am closely tutoring for over 2 years. With some, we’ve even became friends !

Francis signature

Why Choose Us

  • We Have Over 10 Years of Experience
  • We Offer Private Tutoring Service
  • We Offer Crash Courses
  • We Offer Exclusive Online Courses
  • You Will Learn Easier and Succeed

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